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Eyelash treatments

Our eyelash treatments range from a simple tint to some serious eyewear – full-set lash extensions.

Our eyelash tint lasts for around 4 weeks and is the perfect accompaniment to our brow tint and shaping services.

We also offer eyelash extensions in half-set and full-set options, perfect for taking your beauty routine to new lengths.

Lash Tint

15 min

Ditch the mascara and enjoy enhanced lashes with our semi-permanent lash tint.


15 min

Strip lashes for a night out.

Flutter Lashes

30 min

Extensions to the outer corner of the upper lash line.

Bat Your Lashes

60 min

Full set of eye lash extensions covering the upper lash line for a high drama full lash look.

Lashes Prices

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