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What is Bleach & Toner hair colour?

A “bleach and toner” is the process where hair is lightened using bleach and then toned to either a warm or cool result.

Bleaching is the tool we use to remove colour or pigment from the hair. During this process we are pulling the pigment from the hair, stripping away the colour, but not adding any colour.

Your final colour comes from the toning process. You can go anywhere with a toner, from cool ice blondes to pretty pastels or warmer coppery tones. Toning is the most important part of this colour process.


Is bleach & toner right for you?

This hair colour technique is suitable if you’re looking to lighten your hair. If your hair is naturally very dark, this will need to be done in stages to maintain the hair structure’s integrity and condition.

This process can be done as:

  • a bleach all over plus toner, if you’ve never bleached your hair before
  • or a bleach roots plus toner is suitable if you’ve had your hair previously bleached, with up to 2cm (maximum) of re-growth.


Appointment & price

3 – 4.5 hours (including colour development time and professional blow dry or hair cut).

Prices start from £82 (colour only).


Bleach & toner maintenance

If the natural colour is very dark, re-growth can be seen very quickly, often within 4 weeks. Typically bleach plus toner requires maintenance every 6 – 8 weeks dependent on natural colour and desired look.


Optional blow dry

To save you time and money when you book your colour appointment at our salons you don’t have to book a blow dry and have complimentary use of our self-dry zone.

However, if you prefer, our creative styling team will create a beautiful professional blow dry or haircut. Please book when making your colour appointment.


Colour allergy test

Your health and safety is paramount, so to ensure we can safely apply colour to your hair, we need to check if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients used in our colour formula.

If you’ve not had your hair coloured at our salons in the last 6 months, please pop in for a skin test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment. We are unable to colour your hair unless we have tested you. You can pop in anytime for one, it only takes a minute and you don’t need to make an appointment.

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