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Waxing & Hair Removal

Our waxing treatments provide effective hair removal whilst ensuring maximum comfort.

We use warm honey wax in bikini, underarm, half leg, back, chest and full leg waxing. We also use hot wax for lip, bikini, underarm, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.

Honey Waxing

30 min Series

Our high performance, professional, soft honey strip wax is suitable for all areas and guarantees efficient hair removal, even on sensitive skin.

Bikini. Underarm. Half-leg. Back. Leg. Chest. ¾ Leg. Full Leg. Bikini.

Hot Waxing

45 min Series

We use Cetuem wax which is 100% natural resin with pure beeswax which warms the skin and relaxes the pores. It is extremely flexible and less sticky than synthetic wax.  Excellent for stubborn hair and sensitive skin.

Lip. Bikini. Underarm. Brazilian. Hollywood.

Wax Pack

45 min Series

Includes half leg wax plus your choice of 2 from the following:

Eyebrow. Underarm. Lip. Chin. Bikini.

Waxing Series Packaging

We offer series packaging for our waxing services. This is the ideal option for you if you choose to wax regularly. Our series packaging allows you to book three waxing appointments at a discounted rate.

To qualify for series packaging you must confirm your 3 waxing appointments within the series at the time of booking. The 3 appointments within the series must fall within a 3-month time frame.

Waxing Prices

See our waxing menu pricelist here

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